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About 4ART Coin

4ARTechnologies claims to set a new standard for the art world with the 4ARTapp. With the security and reliability of the blockchain as a foundation, 4ARTechnologies claims to be bringing the mainly analog art market into the digital era, with the goal of making collectors’ assets future-proof as the technical link between partners worldwide. This creates new perspectives and secures cultural and material values.

Today it is perhaps easier than ever to produce works of art. Forgeries and imitations, works without sufficient history, scientific analyses or certificates of authenticity are part of the art market. They damage the reputation of art as a cultural asset and damage the market. The 4ARTpassport claims to not only combine the unalterable recorded history of an artwork with its unique and always identifiable 4ARTdna, it also claims to record every change of condition, every change of ownership and every transport in a digital, living provenance — for the present and future generations.

Through the symbiosis of state-of-the-art technological innovations, 4ARTechnologies claims to create the foundation for a uniform digital standard for the global art industry. This standard can digitally network all market participants, thus enabling greater transparency, security, process-efficiency and a significant reduction in costs.

4ARTechnologies claims that its team in Switzerland and Germany consists of highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals that are passionate and dedicated to their clients. The project also claims that with their in depth knowledge of the art market, outstanding team for technical innovations, financial market insights and well established network of art professionals, the team at 4ART is able to quickly and accurately create solutions to suit the broad range of the art markets digital business needs.

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