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About ArchAngel Token

The ArchAngel Token (ARCHA) is a community-driven cryptocurrency project that develops innovative solutions designed to accelerate the global adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The ArchAngel Token is the nucleus of our highly innovative Distribution of Value (DoV) ecosystem model.

The ArchAngel Token utilizes a two-prong technical approach to concurrently develop solutions for ARCHA and the surrounding ecosystem. Rapidly developed "Features" add measurable value and utility to ARCHA. "Epics" represent larger complex solutions that exist independently within the ecosystem while providing utility and value back to the ARCHA token and its base of holders. Our website contains our detailed Technical Roadmap as well as our DoV Ecosystem Roadmap.

ArchAngel's deflationary tokenomics were designed to generate value while providing long term support and an incredible level of self-sustainability. There are 100Q in the total supply and 45% were burned at launch. A minimal 6% transaction tax (2% burned, 2% rewards, 2% multi-Signature project wallet) provides value to holders while supporting the fiscal needs of a high-octane project. The multi-Signature project wallet adds additional security and contains the operating budgets for our Exchanges, Marketing, Staking Pool, and Charities. ArchAngel's liquidity has been locked for 1 year through TrustSwap and liquidity will be locked every year on that anniversary date.

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