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Banana Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency with just 500 tokens in circulation. Due to the low amount of tokens, the system rewards early adopters. Along with a burn rate of 2%, an unspecified amount of tokens are burned each day, only to be reminted the next day as airdrops for the top 200 holders. The distribution of said airdrops are proportional to the amount of coins one holds.

Bananacoin operates on an ERC20 token ecosystem. Virtually free of downtimes, the decentralized system ensures that there are no excessive fees for trading.

The method of distributions is as follows: 250 tokens are available on presale for which people will be whitelisted, whereas 30 other tokens will be siphoned for dextools sponsorship. An additional 30 are assigned for the development team, while 170 tokens are reserved for liquidity.

Bananacoin tokens are used for selling, exchanges, and crowdsales. In addition to this, the tokens can also be used in exchange for web development services. These services are helpful for business owners looking to create a website for their start-ups and passion projects. The developers of bananacoin have packages that cover mobile as well as web development. Price Chart