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About Bidcommerce

The BidCommerce (BidCom) is a Powerful Brand driven by Strong Community members, Fair launch Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Token. First Strong AI-Powered e-Commerce implemented Ecosystem based on Web3.0 for Blockchains.

  • Launched on 21st of May 2021
  • 49% supply burned at the time of launch
  • Reward provided to holders without paying extra gas fees
  • Liquidity auto-locking feature enabled throughout
  • Our self-defense tokenomics shield protect investors

Project background is to initiate and develop powerful ecosystem through the use of blockchain in which everyone get rewarded by participating in it.

This latest tokenomics is based on commerce technology platform where we have stabilized system with a true win-win situation throughout.

Safety of investment is the prior goal of the system in which proven safety codes of blockchain implemented end to end.

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