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About CoinMerge


CoinMerge is a new Crypto Currency with newly trending tokenomics as well as a Utility platform in development. Our code is powered by Fair Token Project to provide our holders with unique Ethereum yields on every transaction, as well as a community wallet that is used to reward and drive community engagement through competitions, giveaways and for members who go the extra mile to help our project.

The CoinMerge Platform is our Utility Platform that is currently under development. It is being designed to be a single web page where users can track charts, read raw crypto data and transaction histories, as well as have access to a robust, multi channeled chat room to connect with community members all in the same place. We plan to combine the functionality of sites like Dex Tools with the Community engagement of Telegram into a single site.

CoinMerge is also developing the platform to support banner ads to bring in advertising revenue, as well as relevant Crypto News articles for site visitors to find new projects, and stay up to date on the latest news that may impact their trading decisions.

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