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About Crust Shadow

Crust provides a decentralized storage network of Web3 ecosystem. It is developed based on Polkadot’s Substrate technical framework, and will be launched as decentralized storage Parachain of Polkadot.

Crust is the member of Web3 Bootcamp and Substrate Builders Program, and has received Web3 grant from Web3 Foundation.

Crust supports multiple storage layer protocols such as IPFS and FastDFS. The native token CRU is a utility token representing the value of the entire network, similar to ETH in Ethereum or DOT in Polkadot.

CSM token is Crust Shadow’s original token. It will be allocated to the community. CSM can be used in the following aspects:

  1. Staking to maintain the coming GPoS consensus of the Crust Shadow
  2. Used to guarantee the Crust Shadow nodes
  3. Serving as guarantee deposit for providing recourse service
  4. Serving as a transaction fee for using the Crust Shadow
  5. Used to purchase resource services
  6. Used for election and voting of on-chain governance mechanism, and vote on proposals
  7. Used for privacy encryption of data, exchange and trading of data assets, and censorship governance of data content
  8. Used to participate in Maxwell’s storage market related activities
  9. Users can use it to obtain discounts related to Maxwell’s or Crust Shadow’s storage market rates
  10. Can be used to exchange CRU in Maxwell’s market revenue pool in the further.

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