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About Inumaki

What is Inumaki (DAWG)?

DAWG is building an experimental ecosystem that migrates web2 users to web3 and places the power back into their hands through a decoupled collection of products centered around ident, open virtual worlds, decentralized commerce and creative ownership attribution.

All of this is governed by the community DAO, a participatory democracy. Development is also handled by the open-source community, a meritocracy. Together, the two formerly polarized political systems can exist on the same plane through DAWG.

DAWG is the governance utility token that represents currency in Inumaki's ecosystem, allowing the holder to interact with any of the dApps, services or protocols so it can be used as:

  • A measure for voting on the governance of the project's DAO to determine the direction of the project
  • Currency that can be fractionally used for value called "Dwei" for any products/services/protocols published to the Inumaki ecosystem.

DAWG tools will include:

  • A new open-source license called RE:MIX that empowers ownership through digital asset attribution. It will also be later released as its own EIP standard.
  • Digital art creation tool that compiles photos, media, video, gifs, gLTFs and music into shareable (and sellable) attributed assets. Like if Twitter, Giphy and Photoshop had a baby.
  • A dApp that allows you to sell the digital assets you've created as 'drops' through storefronts, auctions and curated collections to actively earn DAWG via the dCommerce protocol.
  • Open virtual world platform, builder and SDK that allows for multiplayer fun, unrestricted tradeable in-game purchases and familiar channels of communication.

And two other products to come.

We're more than just another meme token. We're a mission. And we're going to be moving fast, and slow.

Join the gang. #DAWGMAFIA

How Many DAWG Are There in Circulation?

The DAWG Protocol launched its tokens on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain on June 25, 2021 with 1 billion DAWG tokens created on each chain. That's it. That's all they'll ever be, because it's a fixed supply.

Where can I find out more about DAWG?

By visiting our website and reading our lightpaper: https://dawgtoken.com/lightpaper.pdf

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