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The transportation and logistics industries have evolved, and with them has the face of privatized public transport. In the beginning, rides were ferried across horse carriages, then we moved to the first generation of formalized Government-regulated metered taxis, and eventually the advent of ride-hailing platforms mediated by second-generation transport network companies. Our mission is to deliver the pinnacle of this evolution as we present before you DRIFE: Taxi 3.0

DRIFE is a blockchain-based mobility platform that offers decentralization to the ride-hailing ecosystem. Our riders’ privacy is reinforced, and our drivers’ rights and remuneration levels are transparent and fairly distributed. Drivers retain their rights to unionize while the system allows local regulations and compliance to be upheld.

DRIFE aspires to disrupt the currently flawed existing business model dominated by Uber & Lyft with a fairer, more efficient, and transparent ride-hailing economy and transportation marketplace built on the Blockchain.

✔️Ride-Sharing App that removes centralization by allowing ALL cars to become ride-sharing vehicles

✔️DRIFE allows drivers the ability to keep 100% of their fare.

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