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About Dynamix

What Is Dynamix (DYNA)?

Dynamix, the first token with an event-based evolving algorithm. Increased Rewards system, Lower Sell Fees, Scalable buyback and token burn system.

To learn more about this project visit our website: https://dynamix.finance/

We have designed a Smart Contract to provide an alternative to market token problems. Following an in-depth analysis of DeFi and Smart Contracts, we noticed weaknesses and coded a Smart Contract to solve all the related issues.

Our Dynamix Token includes an intelligent algorithm (or we could talk about a fair play algorithm) that adjusts the various transaction fees. Rather than setting fixed fees, which ultimately result in problems or are not equitable, our smart contract automatically and smartly adjusts the taxes of the transaction.

  • Increased Rewards system. From 2% to 8%, depending holders count
  • Lower Sell Fees. From 17% to 5%, depending holding time
  • Scalable buyback and token burn system

We believe in blockchain systems, the future is certain. But it is still not very democratized, because of the complexity (wallet, transaction ect ..) because of the notoriety and the security.

But the application of smart contracts is infinite and we want to bring our brick to the building and simplify the use for neophytes.

In general, token developers all think about making an exchange for their project for us the project we want to develop will allow you to use your coins and tokens in your life everyday not only to buy on amazon or in a bakery but also other types of things to know of financing or loans in crypto, improve the world of crypro. Stay connected on our networks and our website to find out more, there are big announcements coming up.

How Many NEAR Coins Are There in Circulation?

We generated 1 QUADRILLION TOKEN, distributed as follows:

  • DxSale PreSale: 45%
  • PancakeSwap: 36%
  • DxSale Fees: 3%
  • First Burned: 16%
  • Team: 0%

We succeeded on September 02, 2021, our presale of 45% of our tokens. 12% of the tokens have not been sold, they are no longer usable and considered burnt.

All the rest is in circulation, but gradually the buyback system burns the redeemed tokens.

You will also notice that we do not hold a token for the simple reason that when the dev team holds too many tokens, nothing says it doesn't sell and pushes the curve down, especially if it has a lot of it. The only tokens we have available are tokens that we return through our tax system (more information in our website), and which are used in marketing plans or future Dynamix projects. Some of us have also bought tokens in Presale, but will not sell them.

Finally, liquidity is blocked for the next 10 years : DxSale Locker

Where Can I Buy Dynamix (DYNA)?

Dynamix is available for trading on PanCakeSwap. PanCakeSwap

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