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About Equilibrium Games

###What Is Equilibrium Games? Equilibrium Games is a gaming company that thrives to unite the gaming industry and the Blockchain world. Our mission is to make blockchain games with a player driven economy. Instead of third party market makers everyone can trade between each other what they want with their own prices. The economy of our games is controlled by the people: You can be the owner of a terrain and charge other players that want to play or trade in your terrain taxes, kill monsters to acquire Equilibrium or be a graphic designer and get rewarded for people buying your cosmetic items.

###What games are being made? What is the current project: We are currently working on World of Equilibrium which is a hardcore MMO with prestige function.

Hardcore: When the character dies it will be deleted and the player has to start again.

Prestige System: When a character dies the player will earn prestige points which he can put in permanent stats that will persists even when the character dies.

Lore sneak peak: The world is in turmoil as new forces awaken and endanger the world balance.

###How is Equilibrium being used? We are using Equilibrium as a currency in the game that will be exportable to your wallet.

With Equilibrium you can buy cosmetic items, terrains, houses, set up your own market and sell items for Equilibrium.

Cosmetic items: We support artists who like to provide UE4 cosmetic items (for the standard UE4 skeleton). Cosmetic items as well as normal items will be tradeable in the marketplace and in game.

Terrains: The owner of a land can tax other players for services used in their land and receives an amount of Equilibrium found by other players in their land.

###What Makes Equilibrium Games Unique? Equilibrium Games is the first Gaming Company that develops a game on the XRP Ledger which provides almost no gas/transaction fees and super fast transaction speeds.

###How Many Equilibrium (EQ) Coins Are There in Circulation? The total fixed Supply and circulation is 100.000.000 EQ

80% will be given to the Community via Airdrops 20% is reserved to be earnable in the games

###What happens when the 20% reserved runs out? In the games and the marketplace there will be an invisible tax system which returns funds to the 20% reserved.

###How Is the Equilibrium Network Secured? Equilibrium runs on the XRPL and is secured by the XRPL validators.

###When Will Equilibrium (EQ) Trading Begin? Equilibrium began trading in August 2021.

Where Can I Buy Equilibrium (EQ)?

As of September 2021: Equilibrium is available on the Sologenic DEX exchange https://sologenic.org/trade?market=457175696C69627269756D000000000000000000%2BrpakCr61Q92abPXJnVboKENmpKssWyHpwu%2FXRP&network=mainnet

And on the XRPL DEX exchange (via XRPtoolkit)

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