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About Graphlinq Protocol

GraphLinq is a set of tools including an IDE & an engine that run simultaneously with multiple blockchains and centralized data stream to offer a service of automatization of a process without coding skill required. Graphlinq even lets you connect to Ethereum/BSC data-feed almost for free and in real-time using GraphLinq to help you suit your Trading, DeFi & similar needs. The platform has live drag-and-drop plugins & a set of templates to choose from. Whether users want to fetch data from a decentralized or centralized stream and send it to telegram, webhook, discord, etc. or if they want to set up a trading bot based on some indicators, anything and everything blockchain oriented can be automated with the help of Graphlinq Protocol.

What is GLQ?

GLQ is the native token for the Graphlinq ecosystem built on top of Ethereum (ERC20). GLQ will be used to run a graph on the platform’s test net or main net to execute different processes over the blockchain to automate tasks, triggering events, and much more. GLQ will have more use cases as the ecosystem grows, as mentioned in Graphlinq’s Documentation.

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