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About Hypersign identity

What Is Hypersign Protocol (HID)?

Hypersign Protocol is a cross-chain Identity solution & Whitelisting platform .

HID is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Fees for processing transactions and storing data.
  • Paying for creating DID’s
  • Incentivizing Identity and Service Providers.
  • Staking

Hypersign tools include:

  • Identity Wallet for end users to create theri DID
  • Studio for developer to register their DaPP
  • Hypersign SDK that let’s developers integrate Hypersign into their Apps.
  • Hypersign Adapters To convert existing IAM solutions into decentralised password-free systems .

How Many HID Coins Are There in Circulation?

HID initially launched with 10.875 million tokens in circulation on june 9th 2021, but this will increase based on vesting schedule . According to the official tokenomics, HID should reach 100% dilution 36 months after listing (approximately late September 2022). Reserve fund: 7,5% — 3 750 000 HID Fundraising: 22% — 11 000 000 HID BD & Partnerships: 10% — 5 000 000 HID Team & Advisors: 15% — 7 500 000 HID Net Ops — Mining: 32% — 16 000 000 HID Liquidity provision: 8% — 4 000 000 HID

Overall, the total supply is divided as follows: Marketing: 5,5% Fundraising: 22% BD & Partnerships: 10% Team & Advisors: 15% Net Ops — Mining: 32% Liquidity provision: 8% Team tokens are locked for 6 months and are then unlocked at a rate of 25% per quarter.

Who Are the Founders of HYPERSIGN Protocol?

Hypersign Protocol features an executive team with over three decades of combined experience in tech firms. It was co-founded by Irfan Khan and Vikram Bhushan and Vishwas Bhushan.

Irfan has more than a decade's experience in working with 30+ governments and Telecom Regulatory Authorities across the globe to build security and data exchange infrastructures. From Network Security to Smart Passports, Irfan has been in the semiconductor business for a while. Irfan has previously worked in the security space since 2006 from Gemalto [Thales], Cisco, and even Citrix, his last corporate role was Regional Manager for the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. In 2016 he quit his corporate life to follow his passions. With an educational background in Business, Chemistry and Behaviorism. In the day he is heading Hypermine, and a part time electronic musician by night.

Vikram is A full stack engineer and frontend architect. Having 6+ years of Experience in building applications. His last role was Engineering Lead for a small Agile team of 6 members. At Hypermine Vikram helps to roll our fullstack PoC's lean and quick. He is also involved in finding the right team members to work with. On weekends you can find him playing drums at any local bar.

Vishwas is a developer turned researcher. His research work revolves around Blockchain, Cryptography and Security. He was the core developer of Vajra - which is India's premier blockchain project which was to migrate India's national payment network onto a forked Stellar Platform. Before co-founding Hypermine. He has industry level experience of Bitcoin-core, Stellar-core, and ZCash code bases. Outside of daily work, he is deeply engaged in 'learning and development' programs in some of the Engineering colleges in South India. He holds a Degree in Engineering and loves to ride bicycles and write poetries in his free time.

Where Can I Buy Hypersign Protocol (HID)?

HID is being traded on Uniswap https://v2.info.uniswap.org/token/0xb14ebf566511b9e6002bb286016ab2497b9b9c9d

And soon it’s getting launched on multiple exchanges

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