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About iLayer

iLayer is a next generation, mathematically structured ecosystem in which third party projects and tokens can join in for a small tax fee and then benefit from projects joining in after them.

Projects and tokens that add themselves into the ecosystem will benefit from the mathematically layered structure of the ecosystem massively, with several times more taxes generated for them then they have paid out, helping them overcome the initial pump and dump that is plaguing the defi landscape, and give them a more sustained, long-term outlook while giving their holders more rewards.

Whether projects and tokens use the hyper-deflationary model, autonomous yield model, liquidity generation model, the buy-back model, other reward models or a combination, they will be able to attach themselves within the ecosystem for a small fee which will be paid to the previous phase of projects.

Investors from each ecosystem project will be able to view their rewards and earnings from one single place on the iLayer dashboard, making iLayer the go to place for reward generation tokens and those looking for reward generation projects.

To avoid exponential growth of the projects and taxes, the team has diligently created what we are calling phases. Every project that joins must adhere to the maths of the phase they enter into. As more projects are added, 1 phase is constantly removed to keep a maximum of 3 phases at all times. This ensures that the ecosystem is sustainable.

The iLayer token itself uses the ‘buyback’ concept in which each buy and sell incurs a tax of 5% that is added to the ‘buyback wallet’ or what we are calling the ‘iVault’.

As more and more projects join the ecosystem, more taxes are paid to the ‘iVault’. Holders benefit hugely from the ‘ivault’ as it will be used in times of market difficulty and volatility to ensure that they are safe in their investment in iLayer.

In total, as the ecosystem progresses, iLayer will receive a massive 21% from third party projects and a total of 26% including its own taxes, this ensures that from the moment iLayer is released, a new price floor will always be set periodically.

The ‘iVault’ amount guarantees a rising floor price over time for investors to feel safe about. The ‘iVault’ will be used in times of market volatility to ensure a stable rising price floor.

Why join the ecosystem? Many projects fail after the ‘initial pump’ because they are unable to sustain the trading volume needed to keep yield and liquidity generation viable, forcing loyal holders to sell and move on to other projects. iLayer solves this by putting in place a layered ecosystem with

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