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About MarX

MarX Project Team - MetaverseSociety Corp.

MarX Project is made by MetaverseSociety Corp., which is located in HongKong and Republic of Korea. MetaverseSociety Corp. was founded in 2020, which is based on Cidow Co. which has been experienced various IT business over 20 years( MarX Project was made with a purpose of making virtuous ecosystem.

About MarX(MARX)

MarX Project is a smart contract that enables connecting and transacting every NFTs purchased with MARX. They utilize MRC Technology, which is made by INBLOCK, so that they made brokerage fee(gas fee) zero while transaction. MRC is one of the fastest and safest technology. They also can prevent people from hacking. Many artists are currently participating MarX NFT Marketplace( MarX also supports individuals to add value to their activities and creations. MarX Project team will remake NFT Marketplace to type of DeFi-NFT Marketplace.

They are applying Oasis of BSN(Blockchain-based Service Network) Ecosystem for Global Infrastructure to MarX’s Terminal, which is based on Distributed Ledger Blockchain and ARBAC(Application-Roll-Based-Access-Control of BSN, can perform as parachain bridge). MetaverseSociety Corp. becomes one of portal operator of BSN(Blockchain-based Service Network) separately MarX Project.(

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