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About Myōbu

Myōbu (命婦 in Japanese) are celestial fox spirits with white fur and full, fluffy tails reminiscent of ripe grain. They are holy creatures, and bring happiness and blessings to those around them. A myth says that the owner of Myōbu-sourced $MYOBU tokens will see health, wealth and happiness during their lifetime. This is the mission of the Myōbu protocol.

The protocol was designed to reward long-term holders of the $MYOBU token and to discourage short-term investors from selling prematurely. The track record of so-called "anti-whale" tokens is poor and ended with a massive dump of the token value to the bottom. Myōbu has introduced a dynamic sell limit that's based on price impact. This will reduce the volatility of the token price and increase the likelihood of a gradual rise of the token value over time. A detailed explainer of the tokenomics behind the Myōbu protocol can be found on

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