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NIFT Price Prediction and Price Movement

NIFT was added for less than three months and has a low rank at 3572 on CoinMarketCap, we predict that both price and market capitalization of this coin will be very volatile and traders should be extremely cautious while investing in NIFT. It is possible that this coin can go up drastically while it is equally likely that it may go down heavily. So be careful and only invest in what you are willing to lose.

Please note that this analysis is purely base on NIFT's historic price actions and is by no means financial advice. Traders should always do their own research and be extra careful while investing in cryptocurrencies.

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About Niftify

Niftify™ is on a mission to become a market leader by focusing on a simple user experience and strong community of NFT enthusiasts: creators, traders, gamers, collectors, and enterprises looking to power their own marketplace. Built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains at the core of our operations, Niftify™ ensures transparency, immutability, low transaction costs, and maximum security.

Niftify™ features an all-inclusive platform, powering all current NFT transactions and developing the next generation NFTs: NFT+. Evolving NFTs from a crypto-forward collector audience to real-life utility evolution of NFTs. A world where anyone, anywhere, can sell, buy and trade physical and digital assets as NFTs. An ecosystem that pays utmost attention to authenticity with relevant frameworks for proof of ownership and smart tracking.

Within the Niftify ecosystem, NIFT is used as a utility token that allows users to receive discounts when paying for the fees (2.5% instead of 5% when paying with other cryptocurrencies or fiat). A user’s NIFT token balance is also used to determine the level of access certain features, such as early access to new exclusive/special drops, premium custom profiles, and access to “members-only” areas, such as the upcoming NFT Launchpad (which will be a new way for artists to sell and users to bid on batches of NFTs (similar to Moments) rather than individual NFTs), celebrity/artist streams, games, and more over time.

Users can also stake their NIFT to earn additional rewards. As NIFT flows back into the system through NFT purchases and token buybacks, Niftify will move a portion over to the Community Rewards pool, from where staking and other rewards are paid out in NIFT.