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About Piggy Finance

Piggy is a decentralized borrowing protocol that offers interest-free, efficiently collateralized loans backed by $BNB. Unlike competing DeFi lenders, Piggy runs liquidations by making use of a Stability Pool mechanism instead of auctions, which allows it to make more efficient use of capital and offer loans with minimum collateral ratios as low as 110%. Loans on Piggy are drawn in $PUSD, a dollar-pegged stablecoin. Any user (borrower or otherwise), can deposit $PUSD in the Stability Pool to become a Stability Provider and earn $PIGGY rewards while doing so. When participating in the Stability Pool, users will gradually see their $PUSD balances decrease while also seeing their $BNB (and $PIGGY) balances increase. These changes come from Stability Providers receiving pro-rata shares of $BNB when liquidations happen, along with a continuous stream of $PIGGY rewards. $PIGGY is the secondary token of the protocol, which can be staked to receive a share of protocol fees from loan originations, and $PUSD redemptions. In due time, following the principles of progressive and orderly decentralization, $PIGGY will also be used to participate in the protocol’s governance-minimized decentralized autonomous organization and vote on matters like Upgrades, Treasury policies, and Contributor grants.

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