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About Poken


The Poken Company was created in May 2021 by 2 experienced scale-up entrepreneurs and hyper growth enthusiasts: Nils Lataillade & Marco Garniga.

The Poken Company's ambition is to transform the world of digital content towards more ethics, transparency and fairness for both creators and consumers, thanks to Blockchain technology and NFTs.

Pokmi is its first uncensored content platform based on NFTs. In the summer of 2021, the company closed a first ICO of $10.7M, through the sale of nearly $1.5 billion of $PKN, a crypto-currency specially designed by The Poken Company to - eventually - become the sustainable financing vehicle for an industry that is still looking for a secure model.

Facts & Figures

ICO: 8500 investors - 1,5 Billion PKN sold for 10,7M$ over 3 rounds on 3 weeks last July.

Community: 60k+ followers on social media (+50% MoM)

Ambassadors: Top tier Adult Content Creator - 50M fans reach (weighted) secured for 2.5 years

2021/09/21 : DEX listing

  • First 12h trading volume : >6 M$

2021/10/12 :

  • Diluted Market Cap: $900M$
  • Current trading price : 0.09$ per $PKN (listed price 0.012$)
  • Ranked in the Top 300 cryptos list

Our missions

  • Provide a more transparent and ethical model for content creators by putting them back at the center of the economic equation.
  • Make the access to adult content safer and more secure to prevent youth from being exposed to it thanks to blockchain.
  • Revolutionize our industry with the latest technologies and innovations (more than 30% of our fundraising will be dedicated to R&D and technology).
  • Spreading human, inclusive and educational values, supported by our partners and ambassadors.
  • Focus on secure and authentic content through Blockchain technology.
  • Leverage AI and machine learning tools to solve systemic problems.

The stakeholders

Our platform hosts three types of personae represented on three markets: Europe, US & Japan :

  • The Creators that create content, attract users, build the strength and image of the platform and sell all types of content in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).
  • The Users that buy, consume content and actively use the platform.
  • The Aficionados that buy Pokens ($PKN) or NFTs mainly out of their confidence in the project and in the hope of being first to identified the market of tomorrow

The particularity of our ecosystem is that each person can be one of these stakeholders, all three at the same time or two of them.

Our brand ecosystem

Our masterbrand is The Poken Company. It is our corporate platform. It essentially transmits strategic information to the markets, carries our values, presents our dream team to the world and attracts the best talents.

It cimes with:

  • its token the "Poken" or "$PKN".
  • MyPokenwallet.com, a cryptowallet that allows any user to register and create an account on a website or application that requires age verification. A true "One-for-all" KYC, this tool removes all the legal and usage friction faced by both platforms and users of 18+ content.

Pokmi is our Dapp - NFT SFW & NSFW ( 18+) as seen before.

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