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About Pollchain

Pollchain, launched in February 2021, is a knowledge sharing SNS that allows user to ask and answer various types of information and concerns such as daily life, love affair, social issues, business, and investment through a method called ‘polling.’

Pollchain introduced a “protocol economic model” in which service users propose and participate in the polling and share rewards. All users of Pollchain, including the Pollchain team, create and consume content by polling. The economic value of big data accumulated in Pollchain, user analysis index, and advertisement orders are jointly created by users. Therefore, the rewards can be divided fairly.

Pollchain’s content is provided as a combination of polling and advertisement. The user consumes an advertisement while polling and receives POLL as a reward. The Blockchain-based polling data and user engagement collected through user participation provide credibility on advertisement exposure progress, further increasing transparency in advertisement execution. Advertisement exposure increases as more users create and consume polling content. As the advertising effect increases, the value of Pollchain increases, and we can expect a virtuous cycle of gaining more users.

In May 2021, Pollchain announced the launch of the Greece stage. The Greeks stage is a stage for learning the PollChain system to PollChain users through easy participation of voting content and voting proposals.

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