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About Polkasocial Network

Polkasocial is a blockchain based social network platform, NFT marketplace & Social lending network, follow peers and influencers, live stream, play games and much more!

New Projects and Startups can promote their projects & updates on Polkasocial. Our platform is developed to compliment the Crypto-world and the Outside-world.

Set up your company pages, groups, bounty projects and keep your audience and followers updated! Ad revenue generated on the platform is utilised for the Polkasocial community in the form of rewards and paid in PSN Tokens.

Users can earn or purchase Polkasocial Tokens or exchange them for buying digital goods and services on the marketplace. The Polkasocial (PSN) Tokens can also be stored along with Ethereum in your own wallets on our platform. Future iterations will contain other blockchains.

Our mission is to develop the most innovative Decentralized Social Network platform with virtually zero censorship! While creating a disruptive business model to market and to stimulate the Polkasocial gig economy.

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