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There is a new Dog on the block in crypto, and it's all about the PUGLIFE.

PugLife is a community-driven coin, which wants to give back to its community through charity donations, voted for by the community, as well as the unbelievable giveaways.

PugLife is a deflationary, DeFi token, that earns you passive income, just for holding, due to the 2% redistribution on each transaction, as well as making your coin more valuable with a 0.5% burn on every transaction.

Projects under PugLife:

  1. Paww Swap Dex Exchange

PUGL will power the Paw Swap decentralized exchange that works as a DEX Aggregator and Automated Market Maker (AAM) platform.

  1. Paww Swap Mobile App

On the Paw Swap app, you get all the features of Paw Swap web, including the Dog Pound, along with a Dapp explorer to access dierent Decentralized applications without ever having to exit the app.

  1. Pet Shop NFT Marketplace

The Pet Shop will take birth with the release of Pug Life’s own NFT collection, and will be available exclusively on the Pet Shop. Users will be able to buy and sell various NFTs, partner with us and sell their own NFTs, and get access to exclusive Pug Life NFTs.

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