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RisingSun launched on 10/07/2021 by a team based principally in Europe and USA. RSUN token presents a max supply of 10,000,000,000 RSUN. It is an hyperdeflationary token, which presents BUSD reflections to holders. Amid uncertainty and chaos, only the way of the warrior can triumph. In the fiery pits of the Binance Smart Chain, a token was born: Rising Sun. With a safe contract, fair launch, and proven tokenomics, Rising Sun has all the tenets of the Bushidō code. Featuring an auto buyback mechanism known as the Samurai Engine, everything is in place to uphold the honor of your investment. In a world full of doubts, there is only one certainty: the Rising Sun. By joining the Rising Sun nation, holders are uniting around an ideal — what falls, must also rise. The cryptocurrency market is known to be highly volatile and often times scary to new investors, making it easy to lose a substantial amount of money while investing. Rising Sun's goal is making the price curve more gentle while maintaining value to previous token holders, using innovative mechanisms built into its tokenomics and an exclusive buyback feature. The Samurai Engine is the first-ever intelligent buyback system. The engine utilizes price feeds and quantitative trading algorithms to trigger buybacks at dips in price. The engine will help maintain healthy price action, rewarding long-term holders. Rising Sun’s tokenomics are aimed at rewarding long-term investors and bringing stability to a world where volatility runs rampant. The RisingSun project provides high quality NFT assets (tradeable game cards). They will be able interact with the upcoming gaming platform, which will include a full customized card games. The game will provide a very advanced and flexible gaming structure which will be adaptable to the demands of the market and the players themselves. The NFT cards will be provided with randomized aesthetic traits (appearance-related traits) and stats. The stats will be upgradable and fully customizable by the user. The RisingSun project aim to reward the holders and NFT possessors granting them priviliges, which will be useful both tokenomic and gamification side.

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