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About Bingo Share

What Is Bingo Cash Finance?

Bingo Cash Finance is the AlgoStable coin protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain for casino gaming. We are a fair launch project with no pre-sale, no investor, and no pre-mine. Ensuring that everyone is equal from the start.

Bingo Cash (BGO) is an algorithmic token that will seek to have its price stay as close to 1$ as possible.

Bingo Shares (SBGO) loosely represent the value of the Bingo Cash Finance and trust in its systemic ability to maintain BGO to peg. During epoch expansions (when TWAP - time-weighted average price of BGO is above the 1 $BUSD peg), the protocol mints BGO and distributes it proportionally to all sBGO holders who have staked their tokens in the boardroom.

Additionally, sBGO are used to achieved a completely decentralized on-chain governance where sBGO holders have voting rights and the ability to create proposals to improve the protocol. sBGO has a maximum total supply of 35,000 tokens.

Bingo Bonds (bBGO) help to incentivize changes in BGO supply during both epoch expansion and contraction periods. For starters, the exchange rate for BGO to bBGO is 1:1, but bBGO to BGO ratio is dependent upon the mechanism as described down below. When BGO's TWAP falls below 1 $BUSD peg, bBGO gets issued and can be bought with BGO at its prevailing price. Doing so takes BGO out of its circulating supply.

What Makes Bingo Cash Finance Unique?

All AlgoStable currently available on BSC have almost no use case. Some have "games" yes but those doesn't quite live up to help people release their stress. Many of them are just simple lottery or something very repetitive. On that premise, we took it upon ourselves to service the good people of BSC with a whole lot of Casino games to quenches your thirst for entertainment.

How Many Bingo Share Tokens Are There In Circulation?

SBGO has a maximum total supply of 35,000 tokens, but at the writing time, there was a circulating supply of about 7,600 tokens. Most of them in the hands of users, only 5% circulating supply kept in DAO fund.

Where Can I Buy Bingo Share (SBGO)?

Bingo Share (SBGO) are available for trading on PancakeSwap:

SBGO is also can be traded with SBGO/USDT trading pair on BKEX:

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