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About SaylorMoon

What Is SaylorMoon (SMOON)?

SaylorMoon is a community driven meme token on Binance Smart Chain. The token is based on Elon Musk’s tweet.

The fight between Saylor and Musk is a fight where only one will be victorious!

How Many SaylorMoon Tokens Are There in Circulation?

SaylorMoon launched on May 17, 2021 with an initial supply of 1000 trillion ( SMOON tokens, of which 12% has already been burned.

Who Are the Founders of SaylorMoon?

This project is developed by a team based in Europe. The community takes a huge role, as holders can involve as much as they want with the project. All the decisions are voted between the members.

The devs of this project don’t hold large wallets (~1%) and the liquidity is locked until 2100, so there shouldn’t be fear for things like a rugpull. Also, the dev team has made public their faces and real names in the Telegram groups so anyone can check their profiles online.

What Makes SaylorMoon Unique?

  • This project is based on a healthy, growing community. All the decisions are based on the consensus between developers and holders.
  • Each transaction has a 10% fee, which is split in two different ways:
    • 5% fee is auto redistributed to all existing holders.
    • 5% fee is added to the liquidity pool and used for other token growing purposes (like marketing).
  • There are intentions to contribute to charity as the project grows.
  • This is the first lady token standard, and we want to make a big ladies community in the crypto world.

Where Can You Buy SaylorMoon (SMOON)?

SaylorMoon is now available on PancakeSwap. There is a tutorial on how to buy it in the main page of the website.

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