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About RFOX Finance

RedFOX Labs have been building ventures since 2018 that leverage existing business models that are enhanced by blockchain technologies to achieve digital inclusion. The RFOX Finance protocol is one arm of RedFOX Labs.

RedFOX Labs multiple ventures (RFOX Games, KOGS, NFT Marketplace, RFOX Media, RFOX Streaming Platform, MyMedia) will play into an interoperable virtual world: The RFOX VALT.

RFOX Finance was released as a launchpad for the $VFOX token, giving holders a share of all transactions that will go through the RFOX VALT. The $RFOX token will be the universal currency for this virtual ecosystem. All payments will be settled in $RFOX with optional fiat off ramping options.

Monday 10th May, RFOX Finance forked Pancakeswap to launch and successfully deployed token and farming contracts to Binance Smart Chain. Prior to launch, audits on the farm, auto-claim, 3rd party bridge and token contracts were conducted by Hacken.

Auto-claim contract warrants a mention. Initial liquidity was provided by RedFOX Labs, and those LP tokens were staked in the farm. Every time a farmer harvests their $VFOX, the auto-claim contract harvests the farm from the initial liquidity. This is then swapped for $RFOX then set aside for weekly burn parties.

Additional DeFi products and services to be announced.

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