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About Wiggly Finance

Infrastructure It is a smart contract published on the Wiggly Tron network. Therefore, it is a DAPP using the Tron infrastructure. (Decentralized Application) How does it work To become a Wiggly investor, you must first have a Tron wallet. Wiggly is fully compatible with the TronLink wallet app. You can install your TronLink wallet application either on your computer or on your mobile phone. TronLink Mobile App You can install the TronLink Mobile Application on your mobile phone from the Google Play Store. You can then create a Tron wallet for yourself by following the steps in the application.

TronLink Web Application To run TronLink on your computer, you need to use Google Chrome. By typing "TronLink extension" into the search engine, you can find the appropriate plug-in for your browser. After completing the installation, you can create a Tron wallet by following the steps, as in the mobile application.

Click on the link below to learn how to create a Tronlink wallet. ⬇️

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