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About Xenon Pay

What is Xenon Pay (X2P)?

X2P is a Decentralized yield farming token with an inflationary algorithm. The token runs on the Binance Smart Chain and is traded on the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap Finance. The network has a proof of stake (PoST) consensus.

Xenon Pay offers:

  • Hedge against inflation (inflationary algorithm)
  • Payment traffic targeting corporate and private sector (BSC offers low network fees combined with a fast transaction speed)
  • Decentralized trading on a peer to peer network.
  • Staking (yield rewards for staking X2P in a pool)
  • Transaction Fee rewarding token holders.
  • Educational panel (access to research using X2P)

How many X2P tokens are there in circulation?

X2P launched on the 7th of May on Pancakeswap Finance with a total supply of 150 000 000 000 000 tokens. With every transaction made a 15% fee is paid. 10% of the fee is divided among X2P token holders, 5% goes directly to the Liquidity Pool.

Who are the founders of Xenon Pay?

Xenon Pay is the product of Software Developer/Technical Engineer & Social Media Marketing Manager P. Vries, Bachelor Student J. Mols (Economics and Business Economics UvA) and Technical Builder/Engineer & HBO Student D. van Duijn. The founders are exposed to coding from a very early age and have a big network of software developers and crypto guru's.

Both crypto investors and experts desired to further develop crypto as a payment system. Pooling their strengths they designed a monetary value protected against inflation. Keeping eye on investor safety and awareness.

The total staff exists of 20 people with different qualities and a shared passion for the project. Many of them have years of experience working as software developers / graphic designers / marketing experts. The staff is divided in different time zones to provide 24/7 customer support and all round interoperability.

Where Can I Buy Xenon Pay (XP2)?

XP2 is available for trading on the leading BSC decentralized exchange Pancakeswap Finance. In the form of a BUSD and BNB pair.

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