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About Xeta Reality

Xeta is a serverless layer-1 blockchain that provides infinite scalability, high throughput, sub-second confirmation times, and fees at a tenth of a cent. Xeta achieves this by leveraging serverless compute and storage cloud services while innovating incentive structures and extending the Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus mechanism for scalability.

Xeta Reality is the overarching ecosystem consisting of Xeta (the blockchain) and various apps (mobile app for virtualization and tokenization of people and objects) and dApps (such as NFT marketplaces, DEXs, authenticity, and deduplication for NFTs).

Xeta's mission is to onboard 100 million users to the Metaverse by developing intuitive applications & interfaces for mainstream adoption.

Xeta Reality focuses on promoting Metaverse, Gaming, and NFT adoption using blockchain (asset registry, virtualization, dApps) and vision AI (object detection/segmentation). The six core pillars of Xeta Reality are:

  1. Scanning and virtualizing things: Simplifying asset virtualization by building 3D scanning tools and apps to empower anyone to digitize anything anywhere. Extensive research & development of object detection and segmentation AI models.

  2. Interoperability between blockchains and realities: Enabling the exchange of fungible and non-fungible assets between common blockchains and parallel realities (physical reality, virtual worlds, omniverses).

  3. Asset registry, tokenization, and authenticity: Building a Layer-1 blockchain to simplify asset registry and tokenization of things and integrating identity, deduplication, and IP-protection middleware, specifically for NFTs and virtual items (image, video, audio).

  4. Virtual economies (DEXs, NFT marketplaces, auctions): Creation of exchanges & marketplaces for tokens, NFTs, avatars, skins, virtual properties, and virtual ad space. Provisioning "one-click-setup" DEXs and marketplaces using no-code interfaces.

  5. dApp ecosystem (identity, staking, 3rd party): Providing core functionality dApps (for identity, staking, etc.) using Xeta Blockchain and setting up a grant-based incentive program for 3rd party developers.

  6. Community, contributors & partnerships: Building and maintaining an active community of ambassadors, providing well-documented software to creators, and seeking partnerships with companies for collaboration and innovation around Metaverse technologies.

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