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About Greenheart CBD

Greenheart is a defi platform used for issuing loans to farmers who wish to switch from other crops to farming hemp for use in CBD production, and potentially may be expanded to address other agri-defi use cases where farmers may struggle to get financing from traditional institutions. Due to recent and rapid increases in demand for CBD oil, it has become very profitable to farm compared to other conventional crops. However, even in regions where hemp and CBD are 100% legal, banks are still reluctant to offer loans to CBD businesses due to hemp's association with cannabis, which is still illegal in many countries.

Greenheart is stepping in to fill this need for financing, and is offering farmers living at subsistence level an opportunity to drastically increase their income. Profits from CBD sales will be directly shared with farmers, and will also be used for a buyback and make program which will benefit CBD token holders (1). CBD token holders will have other benefits such as the opportunity to directly lend to farmers and earn interest on their loans, among others.

For a more detailed view of the CBD token economy, check out our detailed diagram: https://github.com/greenheartcbd/Greenheart-CBD-Project/blob/main/CBD_ECOSYSTEM%20(1).pdf

  1. https://www.placeholder.vc/blog/2020/9/17/stop-burning-tokens-buyback-and-make-insteadZA

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