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About DeathRoad

DeathRoad is a miniature city oriented to build towards a Metaverse. This is a paradise for players to freely create and build city according to their own ideas, a place that can provide all the features that players need such as Property, Rental car, Garage, etc. In addition, in the city of Deathroad, players can also join other play areas to earn profits such as "Battle mode" - where players can use the unique feature - "Race to Earn" to earn more profit; or "Marketplace", where they can trade with other players.

Why we aim deathroad to become metaverse?

DeathRoad Metaverse is a virtual city where DeathRoad racers buy/sell/rent cars or lands, and play against each other in battle mode to earn rewards:

  • Racers go to the city Showroom to buy NFT boxes to open to get cars.
  • Racers also can go to Peer-to-peer Marketplace for buying or selling used cars from/to others.
  • A racer needs to have at least 5 cars in order to be able to buy a land to create a garage in the city.
  • Racers with garage can open car rental services where other racers rent cars to play.
  • Racers without a garage can only rent cars from garage owners.
  • Racers can use their own cars or rent cars from any garage owners to challenge each other in battle mode where racers agree to choose a map to race.
  • There is a City Hall where all racers can vote for development of the Metaverse.
  • The weight of votes depend on the cars owned by racers.

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