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About Evanesco Network

EVA is an financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecology that combines Layer0 network infrastructure and privacycomputing framework. Based on the double-layer consensus mechanism, EVA not only provides a decentralized, flexible and secure network infrastructure for the cryptocurrency ecology, but also support the scalable and efficient protection of private assets for smart contracts. It provide safe, reliable and efficient network access and encrypted financial services for the Web3.0 application and DeFi ecology.

  • Layer0 Privacy network :The unique privacy network protocol in Web3, hide the routing of both parties in the transaction, multi-chain support.

  • Scalability and Interoperability:Based on the interoperability of crosschain gateway and the high scalability of the underlying privacy virtual machine, EVA ensures seamless connection with external networks, oracles, and interfaces, and supports a highly liquid DeFi ecosystem.

  • Private financial transactions:Scalable and efficient privacy protection at the financial contract layer, providing end-to-end anonymous transaction capabilities, maximizing decentralized financial ecosystem service capabilities.

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