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About Metaverse NFT Index

Summary: A collaboration between the PieDAO and NFTX communities, PLAY is an Ethereum gaming, NFT and metaverse powerhouse. Thanks to NFTX’s NFT funds PLAY provides direct exposure to ERC-721 NFTS alongside the most promising platforms for Ethereum game developers, builders, players, and creators. Objective: Ethereum is revolutionising the gaming industry by providing open marketplaces and direct ownership of digital goods. This emergent industry is rapidly accelerating, and PLAY seeks to provide exposure to the standout games and platforms for builders and the digital creator economy. Not only that, PLAY seeks to capture the key players in the nascent metaverse.

The metaverse thesis holds that as more and more of our lives, including not just recreation, but creativity, work, and identity itself transition to the digital realm, decentralized technology has a vital role to play in forming the backbone infrastructure.

Our community are firm believers in the Metaverse and so PLAY contains the market leaders shaping this interconnected digital world.

NFTs are a core pillar of the technical innovation driving this new market. Working with NFTX we were able to include direct exposure to NFT indices themselves

PLAY is a PieVault, benefitting from a more secure architecture than traditional AMM based ETF products. Unlike AMMs that rebalance constantly, PieVaults allow flexibility in the allocation, enabling holders to benefit from upward price movements without ‘selling the winners’ and buying the losers. Rebalancing can be called by anyone at any time via governance.

Just like existing PieVaults YPIE and DEFI+L, PLAY will enable meta-governance, with DOUGH holders able to vote using the underlying assets in their respective protocol decisions.

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