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About Rewardeum

What is Rewardeum? Prior to Rewardeum the development team launched iBNB, our first project which aimed to be the first dynamic DeFi token with a reward pool generating protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain. Rewardeum takes all of the best mechanics of iBNB, and improves on them in a significant way. We have also added new mechanics, such as the Smart Pool and our Multicoin Reward System to ensure we can offer much more consistent rewards than ever before across a variety of different coins. Rewardeum's main aim is to ensure that daily rewards remain consistent across fluctuating trading volume. To achieve this, our Dynamic Tax Protocol will prioritise and maximise the replenishment of the reward pools whilst only diverting taxes to the liquidity pool when required, and our Smart Pool mechanism would store all excessive trading volume as reserve for the days of lower trading volume. This allows for consistent reward pool growth whilst simultaneously protecting the token from low liquidity price impact.

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