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About Transaction Service fee

TSF BlockChain offers new innovative solutions for all organizations and users. These solutions will allow you to stop thinking about the difficulties you face at key business moments: ineffective processes, reduced productivity, management and monetary risks, or low control of production flows.

All participants (large corporations, startups, developers and investors) can achieve important goals in the ecosystem in the smart network’s development, more convenient blockchain services, create and maintain a more efficient and sustainable infrastructure to improve modern technologies. As a matter of fact, the blockchain is an emerging and well-established technological solution, which allows us to say with confidence that our blockchain will be widely used in everyday life because TSF is a blockchain that runs platforms, applications, and business services.

The TSF blockchain solves a problem of the entire crypto community which is the overloaded blockchain systems. The speed and cost of transactions executed using the TSF Blockchain will no longer be a problem and allow the industry to grow due to the following advantages:

  1. Scalable and customizable. Various blockchain functions can be integrated with TSF. Transaction fees and block generation intervals are configurable online. DCore ecosystem online enables storage and distribution of large files with built-in IPFS and CDN file system integration.

  2. Convenient for project development. Compatible API and scalable services that allow companies and developers to create their own crypto services and product offerings. Detailed consultation and various guides make it even easier for developers and companies.

  3. Fast, solid, and secure. Fast transaction speed ensures solid and error-free performance. Due to the decentralized principle and the PoW consensus protocol, it makes the blockchain extremely safe and resistant to malicious actions.

  4. Safe and easy diversification of digital and traditional assets.

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